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Daniel Ricciardo has backed Sebastian Vettel's comments that he didn't believe the start by Valtteri Bottas start was 'a natural reaction' but accepts the Mercedes driver got a lucky break which fuelled his win in Austria.

Along with Vettel, the Red Bull driver also flagged up his suspicion over his team radio that Bottas jumped the start but after an FIA investigation by the race stewards the Finnish driver was cleared of any wrong doing - with his reaction time quoted at 0.201s which is just above the legal limit according to race officials.

Ricciardo says he accepts the FIA decision despite not believing Bottas made a natural reaction to the lights and feels the Mercedes driver got fortunate with his gamble on the lights going out.

"Just to put my two cents in. The lights were held for a long time, more than normal," Ricciardo said. "There is always a window but it did seem longer and when you are there and your revs are high and you're waiting, waiting. For sure, he went, but the lights went out but I guess he got lucky.

"I did it in Formula 3 once before. It was on the edge, I'm sure you react, but at that same point the lights went out. In theory it's not a natural reaction I don't believe, but as Valtteri said if it's plus then he's safe. But I don't believe he reacted to the lights."



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