Toto Wolff has revealed in the latest F1 engine manufacturer meeting one of the key points to improve the engine sound must not compromise keeping the hybrid part of the future power unit configuration.

Last April, it was confirmed the FIA, F1 owners Liberty, current engine manufacturers and manufacturers interested in entering the sport had set out key focus points for the future power units to be introduced from 2021.

Among the key criteria, improving the sound of the current V6 turbo power units has been made a priority after continual criticism by fans, teams and media alike for the lack of excitement compared to previous generations of F1 engines.

In a recent engine manufacturer meeting, Mercedes team principal Wolff says it remains a vital point of focus but won't be traded against the hybrid components of the future power units - with a stress on keeping technology which is relevant to road cars.

"We'd like to keep a certain hybrid part, it needs to be affordable for all the teams, in the same way it needs to be affordable for the OEMs that produce the engines, we need to tackle the quality of sound," Wolff said. "That is something that we definitely need to tackle without losing the hybrid part."

Wolff also reiterated the other key points settled on earlier in the season, with attempts to keep costs low for all manufacturers by potentially standardising some power unit elements, but says the meeting did not decide which parts would become standardised.

"The main direction is that we don't want to deploy huge budgets again in inventing a new engine," he said. "So the basic concept should stay the same, power to weight ratio is an essential number.

"We discussed spec parts or standard parts in order to get the costs down and limit competition in other areas of the engine."



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