Carlos Sainz says he has full faith in the Toro Rosso team despite concerned being raised by the FIA when it suggested the team attempted to enter his STR12 into the British Grand Prix in an 'unsafe' condition.

The FIA summoned STR to answer to claims it 'refused to follow instructions' after the technical delegate discovered a wheel tether damaged with knots and cuts.

"As a result, the car could not be passed by scrutineers unless the relevant parts were replaced, which has now been carried out by Toro Rosso and the car is clear to race at Silverstone this weekend."

A subsequent investigation concluded with the FIA satisfied STR did not attempt to 'mislead' the scrutineers intentionally and after correct repairs were completed it was happy to allow Sainz to start in FP1 at Silverstone.

Sainz himself, meanwhile, says the explanation he received from the team was 'very different' to how the FIA portrayed it.

"No [I was not surprised]. No because it's not a thing that I think the team has any fault for. I don't think it has been explained very well by everyone out there but it's definitely not the fault of the team."

"I got an explanation from the team and it is very different from what I've heard or what was said. I have complete confidence in what I've seen."

"I have full confidence in my team and I know they wouldn't allow me to go out there if there was a safety issue."


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