Lewis Hamilton has revealed he wrote a personal letter to Billy Monger to invite him to this weekend's British Grand Prix because he has been 'inspired' by the youngster's resolve in the response to his life-changing injuries.

Monger was involved in a horrific accident during a British Formula 4 race at Donington Park in April, the now 18 year-old losing his legs after emergency surgery.

However, after a massive fundraising campaign to help with his rehabilitation exceeded ?750,000 and attracted donations from F1 drivers as Max Verstappen and Jenson Button, 'Billywhizz' has since gone on to become a globally-recognised figure through frequent public appearances and a determined attitude to return to racing.

Attending this weekend's British Grand Prix as a guest of the Mercedes team, it has transpired that three-time world champion Hamilton invited him personally because he wanted to meet him.

"I wrote a letter to Billy and asked if he wanted to come to this race this weekend. The reason I invited him and his family as I think he's such an inspiration to many including myself. People are always asking me where you get inspiration, how do you keep going?

"I get to meet great people like Billy and to see the journey that he has gone through, the difficult period of time and the smile on his face and the drive that he has to continue racing, to continue living, to continue pushing the limits and bettering himself.

"He was just in hospital [this week], had an operation and he's here now. It really put things I think meeting people like himself help put things into perspective in life and I think his positive energy is really helping me."

Describing the outcome of the accident as 'heartbreaking', Hamilton says it puts his own fortunes in perspective.

"Obviously I have watched closely the incident that he had which I think broke everyone's heart to see that kind of thing happen. For me personally it really it home as I remember being where he was in that category and fighting your way up with the dream and your view on being in Formula One and to have that taken away from you in an instant, that was really not his fault. I was just devastated.

"When I was in the garage I could see him in my mirror. Hopefully going to get him in my car at some stage because I am sure he wants to sit in the car. He's already racing, already back in the racing car, a bit like Alex Zanardi, who for me blows my mind. I think he's just an incredible human being, he's gone onto win gold medals and I know this kid is going to do the same."



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