Haas Formula 1 drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are free to use brakes from different suppliers should they wish as the team bids to remedy its ongoing issues.

Haas has struggled with its brakes since making its F1 debut at the start of 2016, prompting it to try and switch from previous supplier Brembo to Carbon Industrie earlier this year, ableit with success.

Haas tried to make the switch again over the British Grand Prix weekend as Grosjean tried CI brakes for the first time in practice, giving him a direct comparison with Brembo.

"It's more the driver feeling," Haas F1 chief G?nther Steiner said when asked about the performance difference between the brakes.

"We always said when the Brembo material is consistent, it's good. The problem is it's inconsistent. You don't have always the same material.

"If you could have always a Brembo material and it is good, then there is no problem with it. It's just when it's always different, that's the biggest problem.

"That is confusing enough."

Steiner confirmed that Haas would have no issue with its drivers splitting brake supplier, one using Brembo and the other taking CI.

"I think we can do whatever we want and we will do what the drivers prefer to do," Steiner said.

"There is nothing different on the car, so if one prefers the feel on one and one prefers the feel of the other one, we just change it. It's fine."



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