Sebastian Vettel is in no hurry to sign a new Formula 1 contract with Ferrari, preferring to focus on the ongoing championship fight against Mercedes instead of his future.

Vettel joined Ferrari in 205 on a three-year deal that expires at the end of this season, putting him in the mix for the annual 'silly season' driver market speculation.

Vettel has been linked with a possible move to Mercedes, but seems happy at Ferrari, stressing on Thursday that his delay in signing a new deal was due to the championship focus.

"What is delaying? I think the fact that we are working hard from the team's point, my point, I think we have other things to do right now," Vettel said.

"In the summer there is a bit more time, a couple of weeks' stretch where there is no race but for now I think the focus is extremely high on working on the car.

"For me I'm obviously not designing the bits but trying to give as much feedback as I can, trying to spend time in the simulator, generally talking to the team. That has priority.

"A piece of paper can be signed fairly quickly so that's not a problem.

"As I said I'm not in a rush, I don't think the team is in a rush as far as I understood. I have a good contact in the team so I think they would tell me if otherwise.

"So no problem, nothing wrong."



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