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Daniel Ricciardo has accused Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen of pulling an 'amateur' move ahead of their costly collision on the opening lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

After his strong start was undone by a wide exit from turn one, Verstappen locked up and ran deep into the ensuing turn two left hander and slipped into the side of Red Bull Racing team-mate Ricciardo, causing damaged to the side of his RB13.

With oil leaking from his car, Ricciardo spun on his fluid before pulling to the side to retire, asking the team 'was that who I think it was?' on the radio.

With Verstappen going on to be handed a ten-second penalty he'd serve during his pit-stop in a race he'd finish in fifth place just 13secs off the win, Ricciardo was furious to be eliminated by such a 'poor mistake'

"That was amateur to say the least - it is not like he was trying to pass, there was no room Valtteri was in front and I was to the right but I don't think he likes when a team-mate gets in front of him. You have the whole race to try and repair a mistake but the pass was never on, it wasn't even a pass, it was just a very poor mistake."

Despite the DNF Ricciardo retains fourth in the overall standings, albeit by just a single point over podium winner Kimi Raikkonen.



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