Toro Rosso Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr. had no hard feelings after losing out to compatriot Fernando Alonso in the race for sixth in the Hungarian Grand Prix, believing McLaren to have been "in another race" on Sunday.

Sainz managed to fight with Alonso for position through the first part of the race and keep the Spaniard back, only to lose P6 soon after both pitted.

Alonso raced out of sight, making use of the McLaren chassis' strength at the Hungaroring, leaving Sainz to settle for P7 at the chequered flag.

"It was hard. Obviously when you see a McLaren finishing 21 seconds ahead, it just means they were in another race today," Sainz said.

"They had a lot more pace than us the whole weekend. We simply couldn't match them the whole weekend. Trying to hold on with a car that is half a second per lap faster is quite difficult."

Looking back on the battle with Alonso, Sainz said: "I think it was good fun. It was a great battle, I enjoyed it. It's always nice to battle with a guy like him, and today was no exception."