Heinz-Harald Frentzen has hit out at Michael Schumacher and Ferrari after the incident which ended his Canadian grand prix.

Schumacher's rapid exit from the pit-lane forced Frentzen onto the grass and into the gravel trap, but the German former champion claimed not to have seen the Williams as he rejoined the track. Schumacher received a stop-go penalty, but Frentzen still believes that the Ferrari team are treated lightly by the authorities, citing Eddie Irvine's move at Monaco which put the Williams out of the race as further evidence.

Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn's endorsement that Schumacher had done nothing wrong only served to further Frentzen's ire. (Even if you can't see traffic behind, you should be aware,) said Frentzen, (Maybe Ferrari doesn't know that. Michael knew there was traffic because Ross Brawn told him so on the radio. I want to see Ross Brawn sitting in a car at 250kph and trying to stop it on the grass. I think he would wet his pants!)

Frentzen's Williams team-mate Jacques Villeneuve supported his colleague. (Schumacher's manoeuvres are all highly questionable,) he said, (It's a great shame that a driver of his talent makes so many stupid mistakes.)



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