Frank Williams has branded Ferrari as hypocrites following the decision to ban the use of beryllium in Formula One.

Williams admitted that his team had intended to use the exotic metal in its 1999 transmission, and was disappointed when the FIA decided to introduce the ban on the grounds that beryllium was both expensive and a possible health risk. Ferrari was the prime mover behind the campaign to promote the dangers to health, although insiders believe this was a smokescreen to both hide the cost-related issue and simultaneously reduce the advantage of Mercedes, which used the metal last season.

(I can list you the components of an F1 car which are more poisonous than beryllium,) said Williams, (Resins, compounds and carbon-fibre dust are just examples. To say it should be banned on safety grounds is simply hypocrisy. If Ferrari wants to ban it on the grounds of the cost it engenders, that is even greater hypocrisy, given the incredible sums it spends to pay its drivers.)



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