The partnership between Prost and engine supplier Peugeot is said to be growing increasingly strained as the team applies pressure for a renewed deal.

Although team boss Alain Prost has hinted that he may have another alternative up his sleeve should Peugeot decide to withdraw from Formula One, it is thought that he would rather secure an improved agreement with his current supplier. Peugeot, however, refuses to be rushed into a decision on its future.

"There is no need for us to have any discussions but, given the importance of our F1 activities, it will be obvious that Alain Prost and M. Saint-Geours [of Peugeot] would eventually start them. These discussions started last Thursday, when they met for more than a couple of hours, and started analysing all possible solutions.

"They have not yet reached a conclusion. There is plenty of time to take a deeper look into all available possibilities. They are looking - on both sides - at the consequences of participation, or non-participation."

The existing deal between the two parties runs out at the end of the season, and Prost is thought to be pushing for an increased five-year agreement, with greater financial and technical input from the manufacturer.



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