The new owners of Peugeot's Formula One technology and its partner for next season met in Paris earlier this week to lay down the objectives for their relationship.

Representatives of the Arrows F1 team and 2001 engine supplier Asia Motor Technologies [AMT] met at Peugeot Sport's Velizy headquarters for the first time to agree a timetable for testing and development of their first collaborative entry.

''Under the wing of Enrique Scalabroni, the technical director of AMT, the engineers of Peugeot Sport and the Orange Arrows team started their collaboration in an excellent environment,'' claimed an official statement, ''The objective [was set] to test, as soon as possible, an Arrows A21 chassis equipped with the [Peugeot] A20 engine, primarily to validate electronic systems. These first tests could be at the beginning of the second half of October.''

AMT will run its operation out of Peugeot's existing facilities, retaining the same personnel as used by the French company throughout its turbulent F1 involvement. The Asian operation will add respected grand prix engineer Scalabroni and a substantial budget to the package, however.

Whether both existing Arrows drivers will get to drive the new combination remains to be seen, however, as the 'silly season' tends to suggest that there may be a new face in Jos Verstappen's seat in 2001. The Dutchman remains philosophical, however, and is focusing his attentions on getting the most out of the current, Supertec-powered, machine.

''We are definitely making progress in small areas, and the car is getting better all the time,'' he said after team-mate Pedro de la Rosa added another point to the A21's annual tally at Hockenheim, ''We know we have a quick car, but it's not yet 100 per cent reliable, so we must concentrate on getting that sorted as quickly as possible.''

Next weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix is one both driver and team want to get out of the way as quickly as possible, however, as the car has yet to prove its value on tight, high-downforce circuits.


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