Jean Todt claimed that there would be little visible change to the Formula One world championship, whether or not the constructors' group ACEA succeeded in forming its own series.

Speaking at Friday's official FIA press conference, the Ferrari sporting director commented on the recent commercial agreement between the FIA and SLEC Holdings regarding television rights, and pointed out that the issue with the manufacturers may not be resolved by simply guaranteeing 'free-to-air' coverage of the sport.

"I don't think that this commercial agreement is only involving television," Todt said in answer to questions, "The new company - [which] I think belongs 75 per cent to Mr Kirch and 25 per cent still to Mr. Ecclestone - has bought the FIA's whole commercial rights and doesn't include only television.

"On the subject of television, we have the guarantee that, until the expiration of the Concorde Agreement, we will have live TV as it is now - which is very important for us. The position of the manufacturers, however, is up to Mr Cantarella, the chairman of the European group of constructors, and he is running one action with the intention of running another championship at the expiration of the Concorde Agreement. That's all I can say."

When asked if he thought it realistic that a rival championship could be set up and run by the constructors' association at the end of the Concorde Agreement, Todt revealed that he could see a different future to that being painted by the sport's detractors.

"I don't think you should say [that there will be] a 'constructors championship'," he said, "because, if something will happen, it will be a championship probably with the same players. Probably it will just change the name. But in my opinion the championship will remain the same - with different organisation - the same principle and, from what I understand, under the FIA sporting and technical rules."



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