The Benetton-Renault team have had a truly terrible season so far and this weekend the Enstone based team head to Silverstone for the British GP where this is little if no sign that anything will change.

Mike Gascoyne - Benetton's Technical Director - said: "In preparation for Silverstone we tested in Barcelona, where we experimented with the new specification of engine and aerodynamic improvements that we introduced at the French Grand Prix."

"All in all we are very satisfied with the results of the test. We felt in Magny Cour we didn't get the best out of the improvements we made, therefore we have to make sure we do this in both qualifying and race at the next Grand Prix. We have to look to improving our qualifying position to get as near to the top 10 as possible. We also aim to use our launch control system for the first time in Silverstone, which was tested in Barcelona successfully."

"Unfortunately despite being at our home grand prix, Silverstone is traditionally one of the tracks where we struggle the most, but hopefully the aerodynamic changes that we have introduced over the last few weeks should help us to change that fact. We will have improved specification of engines available for all three days so we have to look to make progress up the grid."

Pat Symonds - Benetton's Director of Engineering - added: "Of course Silverstone is the circuit closest to our UK base geographically, but in these days of global companies we tend to have a lot of home races. Even though it is our local circuit, it may seem surprising that we don't test at Silverstone as much as we used to. The circuit itself is very challenging, requiring a medium to high level of downforce and a car that is very responsive to change of direction, stable around fast corners and has good traction with minimum understeer for the last part of the lap."

"The circuit is also reasonably hard on tyres so relatively hard compounds need to be used. In terms of set-up it is important for the engineers to track any changing conditions, particularly the wind which can have a big effect on the car especially if it is gusty as it can even alter the characteristics of the car lap by lap. The wind is not the only aspect of the weather that comes into play at Silverstone. Of course everyone can remember the dreadful conditions of last year, well this year, in spite of the recent good weather, there is a high chance of another rain effected race, which can add to the excitement and ensure the team's strategists are keep on their toes. Of course this is Jenson's first home race with Benetton and the whole team wishes him a successful weekend."



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