Benetton-Renault driver and crowd favourite Jenson Button describes a lap of Silverstone - site of this weekend's British Grand Prix:

"Coming across the start line I will approach the first corner in top gear with a maximum speed of over 300km/h before braking very lightly and dropping down to 5th gear for Copse corner which I will take at 230km/h. Going back into top gear I will reach 295km before dubbing the brakes and entering the very difficult series of corners known as Becketts.

"This consists of three corners, which follow one after the other all of which I will take in 4th gear at speeds of 255km/h, 195km/h and 180km/h respectively. There are many approaches to these corners but the challenging thing about them is the very high g forces that I experience in each direction in a matter of seconds."

"A good exit is required after this complex at it leads onto the Hanger straight where depending on the wind I will reach the fastest part of the circuit of over 300km/h in top gear before braking and going down to 4th gear to the 180km/h Stowe corner. A short straight follows Stowe where I will get to around 275km/h and if I have chosen my gear ratios correctly, I should just be able to stay in 5th gear for this before braking for the double corner known as Club."

"The first left-hand part of this is taken in 2nd gear at around 95km/h and will then immediately enter the right-hand part were I have to be very careful with the throttle as I accelerate through at around 140km/h in 3rd gear. Before the Abbey chicane I will reach around 295km/h and then drop down to 115km/h in 2nd gear for the first part of Abbey and again I will have to use careful throttle control as I accelerate through the second part of it at round 180km/h."

"The next corner along with Becketts, the next corner is perhaps the most challenging on the circuit as this corner, Bridge is taken at just under 250km/h in 5th gear. Even during the race I will not brake for this corner, but just lift the throttle slightly and in qualifying I will be aiming to take it flat. As soon as I have got out of this corner I will be hard on the brakes and dropping down to 3rd gear at 175km/h for the left-hand Luffield corner. After a short burst of acceleration I will be braking again and dropping down to 2nd gear and 95km/h for the next left-hand corner."

"The final corner known as Woodcote again is taken in 2nd gear, at just over 100km/h and a good exit from this is essential to maintain speed, pass the start/finish line and back to the first corner."



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