The 2003 Formula One season may yet have its third different winner in as many races, following the launch of an investigation into Kimi Raikkonen's apparent victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend.

While the Finn and his McLaren-Mercedes are not under direct scrutiny, the result of the race has be thrown into doubt by suggestions that the countback was taken on the wrong lap, thereby preventing Giancarlo Fisichella, the leader on the road at the time the red flags were shown, from taking what would have been an emotional maiden win.

The Italian had forged his way past Raikkonen just under a couple of laps from the time the stewards believed the race to have been stopped to attend to the accidents involving Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso but, with the rules claiming that, in such an event, the result is taken from two complete laps prior to the stoppage, the Finn was awarded his second career F1 win.

Now, however, the FIA has issued a statement claiming that it has received evidence that may turn the outcome on its head, with Fisichella possibly being declared the winner several days after the event.

The full statement reads as follows:

"The FIA has received evidence which suggests that, contrary to the information supplied by the time-keepers at the Brazilian Grand Prix, car #11 (Fisichella) had started his 56th lap before the race was stopped.

"If this proves to be the case, the race classification would be that at the end of the 54th lap and not at the end of the 53rd lap as published.

"In accordance with Article 179(b) of the International Sporting Code, the stewards of the Brazilian Grand Prix will re-convene on Friday 11 April at 1100hrs at the FIA headquarters in Paris to review the results of the event. All competitors who would be affected by any change to the classification are being invited to attend."

Should Fisichella be awarded the win, it would be Jordan's first success since 1999, and Ford's first since returning to Formula One - albeit with Jaguar - the year after.


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