After a resounding success in Hungary a couple of weeks ago, Michelin and its Formula One partners are poised to rejoin the grand prix trail at Monza, Italy's celebrated temple of speed, for the 14th of this year's 16 world championship rounds. It is also the final European event of the campaign.

Michelin motorsport director Pierre Dupasquier is keen to underline the strength of the Clermont-Ferrand company's performance in the most recent race.

"Such a result was almost beyond our wildest dreams," said Dupasquier. "Fernando Alonso and Renault spearheaded a magnificent display by Michelin's partner teams and our domination was absolute.

"As for the recent debate about tyre tread widths, we are happy to see that the FIA clarified the issue in its most recent statement by confirming the legality of our tyres and considers the matter closed. For us, our stance on the interpretation of rule 77c has not changed.

"Looking ahead to this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, I'm sure our main rival Ferrari will be a factor because its chassis characteristics suit circuits such as this. If the narrow front tyres they prefer are going to help them anywhere, it will be here at Monza!"



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