Blazing hot conditions marked the German and Hungarian Grands Prix and, with the European summer showing little sign of dissipating, this weekend's Italian round looks set to be no different.

Milan, Italy

The start of the weekend begins on a dry and fine note as high pressure from the Azores moves in. Sunshine should become the dominant factor of the day, with only small amounts of patchy cloud during the latter half of the morning into the afternoon. The wind will be blowing at a constant speed, around 8-10mph from a mainly northerly direction. This will hamper temperature progress, possibly favouring the Bridgestone runners. Maximum temperatures of 23C / 74F, expected to peak around 3pm. A ten per cent risk of precipitation in the form of a light shower.

Once more, a continuation of the dry and settled theme as high pressure drifts slightly closer, centred over parts of Belgium. Because of its position, it will drag in stronger breezes from a different direction, this time from the north-east. A stronger breeze means less cloud and more sunshine, so almost clear blue skies are expected throughout the day's sessions. A stronger breeze will hamper temperature progress with a maximum of 24C / 76F. A 0 per cent risk of precipitation.
Another dry and fine day is likely - perfect conditions for motorsport. Sunshine will be evident from dawn and we are going to see more clear blue sky throughout. Patchy cumulus cloud will build by afternoon, not threatening any showers. One noticeable feature will be the strength of the wind, which will be stronger than at any point this weekend, blowing from a north-easterly direction once more. Wind speeds will top out at 16mph, with gusts to 20mph at times. This will have a continued effect on temperatures, holding them back to 24C / 76F. A 0 per cent risk of precipitation.

Weather forecasts kindly provided by Martin Chuter CNS



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