It may not be a new idea, but the suggestion that a grand prix weekend should be held over just two days was once again being discussed in the Monza paddock.

The idea has been bandied about for several years, principally as a means of cutting costs for fans and teams alike, but has never got off the ground, principally because the circuit owners see the move as reducing their likely income by one day.

It has been gathering speed again in recent months, however, with several team owners meetings having included the matter on their agenda. The latest talks apparently added a little flesh to the bones of the idea, and attempted to keep the circuit owners happy by making Friday a full day of unofficial testing for all teams. This move would then linked to a further reduction in testing during the year, thereby bringing down the cost of travelling and running between races.

Should the two-day meeting get the go-ahead, official practice would then take place on Saturday morning, with a first qualifying session in the afternoon. Final qualifying would take place on Sunday morning prior to the race, thus putting on a better show for raceday spectators, who no longer get a warm-up session to watch under the current regulations where the cars cannot be worked on between second qualifying and the race.

The move to a two-day grand prix weekend has yet to be approved - and, knowing the various factions involved in the decision-making process, may not be for some time - but it is certainly a idea that refuses to go away.



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