Ferrari boss Jean Todt has admitted to feeling relieved after the team reversed its downward trend with first and third in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.

"After the last Grand Prix I was honestly very concerned that it was getting more and more difficult to win," said Todt, "We knew that we had a championship which was going to be completed in three Grand's Prix and we knew that if we were not in a winning situation at this one, like we were in 2000, it would have made the thing much more difficult. Now it makes it still possible to fight for the next two Grand's Prix."

Winner Michael Schumacher had said it was one of the best wins in his career but Todt was more cautious: "The best one is one when it's very much needed, so probably because it was needed so much, when it comes it's great. But it's not our style to react to easy comments, conclusions. We always say we know what we are, we know who we are, we know where we stand and so the only answer is to answer with facts and so of course it's very rewarding, pleasing when you are able to answer with facts like we have been able to do today."

Was there one thing that pleased Todt more than anything else about this victory? "I am definitely very happy for the team, very happy, because the pressure was so big on each one of them, each of us, and you know we are so focused.

"As I've said before, the only reason why we are still doing this business is because we love Ferrari and we love winning - because otherwise there would not be any motivation. So I am very happy for the team but you know it's not just words or talk. I'm very happy for Michael, he's such a great guy - 50 wins for Ferrari, I don't think anybody will be able to compare that for many, many years. Rubens [Barrichello] did a great job. Bridgestone reacted in a fantastic way, they are fantastic people, they have had such a hard time these last few weeks and they are such nice people, such humble people that it requires a lot of respect."

However, having won at Monza, it is important for Ferrari to maintain that level of competitiveness over the next two races, and some say Monza is an unusual race. "Honestly, time will tell, time will tell. I'm confident we will get very good tyres for the last two races," said Todt of Bridgestone's effort, going on to rate the tyre company's potential performance and the team's chances. "We have been struggling very much in hot temperatures, we know that, and we know that it's something which has to stop and they know that as well, because what we think, they think as well. So even if today's temperatures were reasonable, I'm convinced that the last two Grand's Prix should not be like that and as I said, they have understood a lot, so even if what they have understood you cannot immediately apply 100 percent, they will be able to apply a part of it and then give some positive results, hopefully."



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