Ferrari boss Jean Todt has today confirmed that the Scuderia could still dispute the results of races earlier this season, following revelations post-Hungary that the Michelin runners were allegedly running with front tyres that were too wide, and therefore possibly illegal.

"It's a possibility which is open to us," confirmed Todt, "It's article 179b and we know we can use that. We can use it until the 30th of November."

Asked if it was a serious threat, Todt went on to say: "some can use some tyres, some can use some articles: it's just a question of we know we can use it."

However, he admitted that: "We prefer to win on the track. It's something, which can be applied if we decide to apply, that's all. You know it's not a decision we take easily. Sometimes you have hard decisions to take in one sense or another, so after having thought very carefully at the highest level of our company then we will have to decide which way we want to go."

"You know, it's so easy to put Ferrari as the bad boy," added Todt, "but Ferrari is completely isolated. We are in a little village in provincial Italy. We don't have all those groups of people, it's just a completely different thing. It's a fight. We need to see how we feel, what is the best for us to try to be the leading team.

"I think maybe the red of Ferrari is putting more pressure, more tension. Why is Ferrari such a legendary team compared to all the others? If you ask me, I don't know. But there probably are some reasons. Ferrari is special, so Ferrari is probably more violent, more emotional and then definitely you have some teams who are not happy, which I can understand. But I'm sorry about this. Maybe if it was ten Italian teams and one British team only, I think it will be the other side. So I think you just need to analyse the situation.

"But definitely we are one team, alone, for years making the chassis, engine with a lot of emotion, but that's it. Then we have to defend ourselves. Whether we defend ourselves well or badly - I'm sure that we could improve our way of defending ourselves sometimes, but still, if you take the whole thing, we are the most stable team in Formula One. There is no controversy inside the team, quite a lot outside but we are not affected by that - fantastic people, fantastic achievements. I think if you take the whole thing it's quite pleasing, and you can't achieve being loved, being successful, being wealthy, being in good health... that's in the books."



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