Ferrari team chief Jean Todt has admitted that the conditions at Indianapolis on Sunday played into Ferrari's hands, and thanked tyre supplier Bridgestone for having produced the right tyre for the situation.

Todt pointed out that having the weather favour the team hasn't always been the case - citing the Brazilian GP as an example - but admitted that he had hoped that, should it rain, it would rain heavily and play to Bridgestone's strengths.

"There was a shower that was advantageous, but we have had showers which haven't been - such as in Brazil, where we could have taken a one-two, but which turned out to be the only race where we haven't scored a point.

"Today, it's true that we hoped to have these kind of conditions, and finally it happened. I think I should add Bridgestone to Ferrari in this case because, without them, we wouldn't have won today."

It was the change to cooler conditions and wet weather which really made the difference, according to Todt, after Michelin had dominated the dry qualifying session on Saturday to take eight of the top ten grid positions and leave Schumacher back in seventh spot.

"'We have not been better than usual today, we have simply maintained the same standard," Todt insisted, "On Friday morning, we were already much quicker than the others but, do you think it is by chance that we see the sort of classification which we saw today - where you have Sauber scoring ten points? They haven't become geniuses - it is simply that the package was better. You also saw [Jenson] Button leading the race for a while. We were hoping we would get these conditions here."

Todt then explained that the team had worked hard to ensure it had the right tyres for the end of season races, where high temperatures would not necessarily be a factor.

"Ferrari has been preparing for these conditions, perhaps at the expense of races in hotter weather," he revealed, "We know that, in certain conditions this year, we have not been very good - especially when it was very hot - but we know it will not be as hot as it was in summer.

"We were going into the testing ban [at the time], so we could not do a lot of tyre development, but we did so immediately when we started to do some testing at Monza."



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