Having conquered the Formula One world for a record sixth time, Michael Schumacher is preparing to match his Ferrari F2003-GA against a more formidable opponent - the latest Eurofighter jet aircraft.

News sources in Europe claim that the head-to-head will take place in Italy two weeks before Christmas [11 December], with Schumacher facing up against Eurofighter test pilot Maurizio Chelli at the Grosseto airbase in Tuscany

According to the Agence France news agency, three runs will be conducted, over increasing distances of 500, 1000 and 1500 metres, in order to bring the full acceleration range of both machines into play.

The idea is not a new one, with Tazio Nuvolari first taking on a Caproni 100 at Rome airport in 1931. Ferrari is also not immune to the challenge of competing against aircraft, with Gilles Villeneuve pitting a 126CK turbo against an F-104 in 1981. Most recently, Patrick Carpentier challenged an F14 Tomcat with his CART Champ Car in the USA.



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