The Mild Seven Renault F1 team endured a difficult day today [Wednesday] at the Circuit de Catalunya, near Barcelona. Conditions were wet all day and as such this limited running - the team notching up just 56 laps in total.

Renault third driver Franck Montagny repeated the wet tyre programme from Valencia this morning due to the weather conditions and the results corroborated those found last week. The range of tyres tested included one, which looked like a significant improvement at both tests.

Montagny had an accident at the end of the wet tyre test, damaging the car. Once repairs had been made, conditions prevented any meaningful running. Conditions improved during late afternoon, but he did not take to the circuit again.

Renault development driver Jose Maria Lopez meanwhile continued yesterday's test, running at the same time as Montagny in the morning, although using the extreme wet weather tyre for safety.

During the improved afternoon conditions, RDD driver Heikki Kovalainen succeeded in completing eight introductory laps. He will continue with his programme tomorrow.

Pat Symonds, executive director of engineering, commented: "A difficult day in Barcelona, especially because of the conditions. We were pleased to see last week's work on wet tyres show the same results today, although Franck unfortunately lost running time with his accident.

"As for the young drivers, Jose-Maria did a very mature job. Times are meaningless in these kinds of conditions, but his confidence and feedback were very good. In the short time he spent on track, Heikki adapted very quickly and was immediately setting the sort of lap times we had expected from him."



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