Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn has an interesting take on Ferrari's upturn in performance at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza this year. Nothing to do, apparently, with the sudden change of ruling on tyre width measurement disrupting their Michelin-shod rivals, more to do with the Ferrari squad 'suddenly gelling again.'

Brawn has been reviewing the 2003 with British television company, ITV and livening up the yuletide period with some interesting viewpoints. One of his more interesting comments was on the Ferrari upturn in form, and therefore the downturn in form of their rivals, at the Italian Grand Prix.

The build-up to this year's Italian Grand Prix was a time of quickly brought about change for the Michelin-shod teams, as the FIA changed its ruling on when tyre contact patch width measurements would be made. Previously they were taken before the Grand Prix; now they were to be taken afterwards.

At that stage in the season Michelin was certainly looking the stronger of the two tyre concerns, and with this year's championship such a close run thing, event the smallest advantage was hard fought over. Michelin had to change their tyre mould for one that was a vital few millimetres narrower for tyre wear post race.

In the pre-Monza test, whilst the Bridgestone runners could work on set-up and fine-tune their package, the Michelin runners had to do more work on establishing jusr what differences the new tyre made, and therefore could focus less on the race set-up and fine-tuning that would otherwise have been the case. McLaren boss Ron Dennis pointed out as much at the time.

Ferrari, of course, were dominant at Monza, but Brawn the technical mastermind at Ferrari, with the keen brain and numerous race victories put down to his intelligent and perceptive analytical skills can attribute this change in form to nothing more than the Ferrari team 'suddenly gelling again.'

We believe you Ross...



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