The BMW WilliamsF1 team will be the first to officially launch their new 2004 car tomorrow [Monday], when the wraps come off the new FW26 at the Valencia circuit in Spain.

January means only one thing for F1 folk, testing, testing, testing, and launches...

Yes folks - it's that time of year when all the teams say how great their new car is, and how they have gained 'xx' in speed, lost 'yy' in weight, and can now move forward and break into the big time/win races/grab regular points [delete as appropriate!]...

Heard it all before? If you have been following F1 for sometime or even a little time, it won't be news to you.

So who will follow the Grove-based boys post-January 5? Well next up is Team Sauber-Petronas, who will unveil their 2004 machine, the C23 in Salzburg, Austria on Monday January 12.

After that, thus far announced will be the back-to-back launches of Toyota and Jaguar over the weekend of January 17/18 - the TF104 rolling off the factory floor in Germany on Saturday, with the new R5 following on Sunday.

Then comes Renault on January 29, the R24 getting its premiere in Palermo, Italy.

After that who knows? Ferrari have yet to announce when the F2004 will be launched, although it is likely to run at the beginning of February at the latest, while McLaren are already running their new car, the MP4-19, although no launch ceremony has yet been announced.

BAR-Honda have also to set a date, while Jordan and Minardi will probably launch as late as possible, in a bid to maximise the time available, and secure some much needed sponsorship.

...F1 2004 folks, is here. Launches are go, go, go! The countdown to race one in Australia is on.



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