Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher has said that he would never want to have his younger brother Ralf as his team-mate.

The announcement by Ferrari yesterday [Wednesday] that Rubens Barrichello had signed an extension to his deal with the team, means that the chances of the brothers lining up alongside each other in F1 have now all but vanished.

Michael told Reuters that he was glad he wouldn't be lining up in the same team as Ralf.

"No that wouldn't have been nice at all for one main reason," he said. "If both Ralf and myself were in one team we would race and one would be the winner and one the loser.

"That is something that Ralf doesn't want to do to me and I don't want to do to Ralf."

However, things are different while the situation remains as is it, with the two Schumacher's racing for different teams.

"If you are fighting in two different teams you may call it winning and losing," he said. "But then you call it under different circumstances and other things will be responsible for that."



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