Michael Schumacher says he doesn't want his brother Ralf as a team-mate as "one would be the winner and one would be the loser."

Without being disrespectful to Schumacher, his comments don't really make any sense. They are supposed to be racing drivers but if Ralf doesn't want to make Michael the loser, and Michael doesn't want to make Ralf lose, then how are they actually supposed to race out on the track?

Surely it doesn't matter whether they are both in the same car or racing for different teams, one of them has to lose - its what sport is all about. Somebody always has to come out on top.

If "you may call it winning and losing" when they are in separate teams, then surely the same rules apply if they are in the same one. Whether they are team-mates or not, one of them is always going to finish ahead of the other. Without pointing out the obvious, F1 is always about winning and losing. The only difference is, if they race for the same outfit and take each other off trying to race then they won't have a very happy team boss when they get back to the garage.

There are LOTS of people, both in the sport and outside it, who feel that we haven't yet seen Ralf and Michael actually race on the track. We've seen Ralf have a quicker car than Michael but never seem to manage to get past him - is that because he couldn't pass the Ferrari or because he didn't want to? We've seen Ralf catch Michael in the past but then never manage to make a pass on his brother, saying that aerodynamics meant it wasn't possible. But I'm fairly sure that if you stuck Juan Montoya behind Michael Schumacher, he wouldn't be prepared to just follow the German round the track. Montoya would want to be past and in front.

Being brothers doesn't make it easy, and Formula One is a highly dangerous sport. It can't be easy for Rolf Schumacher to see his sons racing wheel to wheel knowing that if one of them makes a mistake they could both end up in the wall, but that's what F1 is all about.

Its about challenging the other drivers, no matter who they are. Its about getting out on the track and racing - not having a nice drive out because you don't want to upset anyone. Michael and Ralf should go out there and race because if they don't they are letting their fans, their teams, and themselves down.

We in the Crash.net office would rather see Michael and Ralf racing out on the track, after all 'Formula One is a form of entertainment, its a sport, not a procession' and we don't want to see Ralf holding back when he could take the fight to his brother. We don't want to watch them follow each other round a race track on a Sunday afternoon, we want them to race.

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