Entering his second season with Jaguar Racing, Mark Webber is looking to build on the results that helped him become one of the most highly-rated young drivers in Formula One last year - and the Australian is already optimistic that the team's latest contender can help.

Although the car was not due to be launched until today [Sunday] in Spain, Webber managed to get his hands on the R5 during a brief shakedown test at Ford's proving ground in Belgium, and emerged satisfied with what he found.

"I had the opportunity to straight-line test the car in Lommel last week, and the initial results were pleasing," the Australian reported, "A good start [to the year] will give us momentum throughout, which we will need if we are to keep moving forward. Basically, we need to see good progression and grab more points than we did in 2003.

"The rule allowing just one engine means that people may struggle for reliability in the first few races - and we have to be ready to capitalise when those opportunities come along. This year, we will have to work on our race performances, as they have been a weaker area for us in the past. In qualifying, we did pretty well and I really enjoyed that part of it, but you have to take that on to the race if you want to score good points. And that is going to be as difficult as ever."



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