Motorsport commentator and former grand prix driver, John Watson has sent Jordan boss, Eddie Jordan a firm message, that he might have to leave his team if it is to survive in Formula One.

Speaking to British newspaper, The Sunday Mirror, Watson revealed that 'quitting the team might be the best plan', and that EJ should put his squad before his own wishes.

Watson, who finished joint second in the F1 drivers' championship in 1982, winning five grand prix in total during a career spanning from 1974 to 1981, told the tabloid paper: "I recently spoke to someone close to the situation, who suggested the team would be better off without EJ.

"I don't think EJ wants to sell unless it's to a manufacturer and he can stay on, but the survival of the team has to be the priority.

"The Jordan team would now probably benefit from the sort of management Ron Dennis brings to McLaren."

Jordan, who have yet to announce their driver line-up this year, are currently believed to be searching for sponsors, to help the team through the coming season. Watson reckons this is 'typical' of EJ's strategies - to delay naming the drivers, and that he 'gets off' on being in the limelight.

Watson continued: "It's typical of EJ to have drivers on hold, wondering what he's up to. It's a way of putting the price up. He's a born wheeler-dealer.

"Sure, he wants to find the next Michael Schumacher. As he's always telling us, he was the one who brought Schumacher into Formula One and that's perfectly true.

"EJ's also a great character in a Formula One world full of grey, boring people. He and Flavio Briatore are about the only team bosses who brighten up the place. The sport needs colour and individuals.

"EJ thrives on the limelight and the public respond to him. Sadly, he would have no purpose to his life without Formula One. He's made his money out of motor-racing but he gets more than that out of it. It gives him the platform for what he wants out of life. Call it ego, the need for recognition, whatever. He thrives on it.

"He's done an awful lot as a privateer entrant. He's won four grand's Prix and been third in the championship. That's a hell of an achievement. EJ would be a sad loss to Formula One, but the loss of the team would be even sadder. That has to be the concern for everybody."



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