F1 tsar Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that a London Grand Prix is still possible, despite the fact the British GP at Silverstone was confirmed for the next five years on Thursday.

Ecclestone told BBC Sport Online that London could still run a race, and he is currently in talks with mayor, Ken Livingstone, about the prospect of a race in the capital.

"If that [a London GP] was to happen it would have to be an additional race but I would be delighted if we could get everything together for a London race," he said.

Talk of a London Grand Prix emerged this year, after over 400,000 people flocked to the 'F1 comes to Regent Street' display.

Should the UK get two races, it is not something that is unprecedented, and back in 1993 as well as the British GP at Silverstone, Donington also hosted the European Grand Prix.

Today both Germany and Italy hold two races. In Germany the official German GP is held at Hockenheim, while the Nurburgring, hosts the 'European GP'. In Italy, the Italian GP is at Monza, while the 'San Marino GP' is held at Imola.

The main problem though comes down to finance.

"Ken knows that [I would go for it]. I have told him. I would sign a deal today," Mr E. added in British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. "Ken is still very much behind the idea, which is good. It could happily run alongside a British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

"It is finding the money to put it on."



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