Jacques Villeneuve says the low downforce aero configuration of Indianapolis Motor Speedway will suit the Sauber team, as will the fact that the surface can be tough on tyres.

Sauber's best performances this year were at Montreal and Imola, both of which are high speed venues.

"We knew that Canada would probably be an okay race for us because, as soon as you go for low downforce, then the difference in efficiency from a good car to a medium car is less," Villeneuve explained, "So you can sort of make it up.

"Also, the tyres were very soft. Here the tyres are semi-soft. On the straight here, they grated the track. That might make it hard on the tyres, which would be good for us. It cannot be a negative for us. It is either the same or better for us to have the grooves in the track."

Villeneuve says he's looking forward to a quieter weekend after his usual mad week in Montreal.

"It is definitely going to be less hectic than Montreal, but there are still quite a few American fans [who support me] because I won the Indy 500," he revealed, "The welcome here is always very nice."



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