Following his deja-vu smash at Indianapolis, Toyota driver Ralf Schumacher will have to wait until Saturday for clearance to race in the US Grand Prix.

Following his smash the younger Schumacher brother reported blurred vision and was taken to hospital for a brain scan, his impact was lessened this time by the presence of a SAFER barrier which absorbed the collision.

"Thankfully, I am feeling okay," Reuters reports the German as saying. "But that was quite a big accident.

"Lightning is supposed not to strike twice in the same place but on this occasion I guess that does not apply to me."

Last season Ralf missed some six Grands Prix following his smash, though this year Ralf was able to walk away from the impact.

"I was approaching the last corner when I felt something go wrong on the left-hand side. We will now have to investigate exactly what happened and why," he explained.
"I've never had much luck here as a driver but I'm still hopeful that record will improve."

Should Ralf not be allowed to race Toyota reserve driver Ricardo Zonta is ready to step into the breach.



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