Michelin North America and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have finally been able to reveal how they intend to deal with disgruntled spectators demanding refunds following the United States Grand Prix.

The two parties have announced that all tickets purchased for race day will be eligible for the ticket refund promised by Michelin, which ordered its seven teams to withdraw from the event, leaving just six cars to race.

"By working with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we've created a thorough and quick process to reach out to all those fans present at the United States Grand Prix and offer them the face value refund of their race day ticket," said Jim Micali, chairman and president of Michelin North America, "In addition to the ticket refund, we will also provide 20,000 tickets for the 2006 USGP at Indianapolis to dedicated fans who purchased tickets to this year's race. We hope through these gestures to encourage the further development of F1 in the United States."

IMS president and COO Joie Chitwood expressed his respect for Michelin for accepting some degree of responsibility for the situation, which continues to threaten the future of Formula One in North America. Indianapolis has yet to confirm whether or not it will be taking up the final year of its contract to host the USGP in 2006, despite the majority of teams having expressed a willingness to return.

"Although many different parties had an influence on the race run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 19 June, Michelin has made a tremendous commitment to the fans of the United States Grand Prix," Chitwood said, "We've been working closely with Michelin to work out the details of the ticket refund process and we commend
them on their commitment to a speedy and full response to the fans."

For the vast majority of ticket purchasers, no action will be required to receive a refund. IMS has begun sorting its information on USGP 'account holders' in order that Michelin can provide refunds directly. All account holders will be receive a letter in the next week detailing the refund process.

Other individual race day ticket holders can submit their ticket stubs, along with a completed 'stubbed ticket claim form' to IMS from 8 August, although all such refund requests must be postmarked by 29 August 2005 to be included in the compensation process. Details of the process and claim forms for individual ticket holders will be available on the circuit's website from 8 August.

If the USGP at Indianapolis is included on the 2006 Formula One schedule, Michelin has also promised to purchase 20,000 tickets, which will be made available to fans that purchased tickets for the 2005 race. Details of the distribution process are still being finalised and will be announced once the 2006 Formula One calendar has been released by the FIA.



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