The lawsuits from angry US GP spectators were the main topic of discussion when the team bosses - including Ferrari's Jean Todt - met with Bernie Ecclestone in Turkey on Saturday afternoon.

We understand that there are around a dozen class actions, each featuring groups of people, currently pending. At the behest of an Indiana judge an attempt is being made to consolidate them under the auspices of one legal firm.

Michelin has already made it clear that it will refund spectators and also buy tickets for next year. However, it has not offered compensation for people's travel expenses and so on, and that appears to be the direction taken by the American lawyers. A figure of $5m has been mentioned.

Although Michelin has accepted blame, the lawsuits name the teams, FOM and the FIA, so all parties are involved in the current discussions.

The meeting also covered other matters, notably the future qualifying format, which is still far from settled.

Afterwards a second meeting of the gang of 'nine minus two plus five' took place, without Ecclestone and Todt. The teams are trying to finalise their plans for the crunch meeting with Max Mosley prior to the Italian GP on August 31.



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