Michelin F1 boss Pierre Dupasquier admitted after the Turkish GP that the company was stumped by the problems experienced by Williams in the race.

After Mark Webber's right rear failure in practice Michelin pointed the finger at the kerbs in the last section of the track, and wrote to the FIA suggesting there was a problem. Last year kerbs caused Michelin failures on Friday in Bahrain, and at various points during the weekend at Spa.

However after four more failures in the race it was accepted that the Turkish track was not to blame, as the drivers had taken steps to avoid abusing the kerbs.

"After practice there were two directions of investigations," the veteran Frenchman told Crash.net. "One was conducted by the team on the car, and the other was conducted by us on the circuit.

"Maybe too rapidly we came to a possible occurrence on Turn 13, where the kerb was marked by rubber, and was even marked by rims. Oh my goodness, that's very dangerous! We thought that was probably what happened, and we didn't pay too much attention to the other side of the investigation, which was on the machine.

"Then we found out afterwards that as it was only Williams during the race, obviously it was not coming from the circuit. We don't thing it was the rims, but we've no evidence!"



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