Former driver Aguri Suzuki admits that he wants to start an F1 team - but denies that he is involved with the second Honda outfit that has dominated gossip through the Suzuka weekend

A well-connected source in the paddock still insists that the mysterious team will be run by Suzuki and the Dome organisation, and that the project is now virtually certain to go ahead. Their names had been mentioned earlier in the week in connection with the much talked about team, but not previously as a package.

It has been suggested that in August Suzuki talked to BAR and Honda about buying BAT's 55 per cent share in the team with his backer's money. However Honda always intended to take up its option to acquire the full 100 per cent, and helping Aguri and his backers to create a new team, with Honda power, was the best compromise.

"It's just a rumour," Suzuki told "It's my dream to make an F1 team, and I want to come back in F1. But it's so difficult. Everyone wants to try to make a new team in F1, but everybody gives up before they make a team. Some people asked maybe you are the second Honda team or something like that, but this is not the case.

"I have many sponsors in Japan, but it's a different level of money. I have talked to teams, but it's too expensive. Now only manufacturers can have F1 teams. I don't know who it is, but I'm sure it's not Dome, as I'm working with them in Japanese GT. Maybe after two or three weeks we'll know, before 15/11 - the entry deadline."

Intriguingly the 50 per cent Dome wind tunnel is currently used by BAR as its second facility, running parallel programmes to those in Brackley. It operates 24 hours a day and regular reports go back and forth between the two operations.

When confronted with the suggestion that Suzuki and Dome were linking up BAR team principal Nick Fry smiled broadly and said, "I can't comment."

The one thing that does make Dome an obvious partner in the project is that it is a top class manufacturing facility. Given a full set of drawings of this year's BAR 007 the company would have little trouble producing a subtly modified replica to take next year's Honda V8. In the past Dome has made successful sportscars and F3 cars, and even created a stillborn F1 prototype.

The big question remains where the team will be based in the UK. Dome has longstanding connections with Lola.

Suzuki has been involved with several formulae as a team boss, notably the Indy Racing League. Suzuki has no direct connections with Takuma Sato, but clearly the current BAR star is the ideal driver for anyone putting together a Japanese-funded team with full Honda support.


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