Ferrari team leader, Michael Schumacher has said that he is 99.9 per cent certain to stay with the Scuderia post-2006, if he decides to continue in F1 when his current contract expires.

Speaking at Ferrari's annual pre-season ski event in Italy, the German added that he will probably make a decision in August.

"I will decide mid-season if I want to go on or not go on," noted Schumacher.

"It is 99 per cent certain if I go on it will be with Ferrari. In fact I should say 99.9 per cent. I say 99.9 per cent because I don't want to lie and in life it is simply impossible to be 100 per cent certain of what is going to happen.

"Who can look so far in advance - and who can tell what is going to happen, particularly in our sport where things sometimes move rather quickly? I see my future with Ferrari but who knows?"

Schumacher also noted that any decision he makes will be fully discussed with his wife Corinna.

"I think it's pretty normal that you involve your family in the whole procedure," he continued. "My wife is aware of everything I think and what's going on, so it's pretty normal that we discuss any little details and she often helps me to come to a decision.

"She can watch certain things from a certain distance which I cannot do, so therefore her advice is very important to me."



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