Ferrari number one driver, Michael Schumacher has predicted that the Scuderia will come out with all guns blazing in 2006, following a dismal time last year, which saw them outperformed by Renault and McLaren.

Speaking at Ferrari's annual ski retreat in Italy, the German noted that things are looking promising.

"We've had various tests obviously during the winter and things have in general improved compared to what was our position and situation last year," said Schumacher.

"Lately, in Jerez, again we seemed to have made another step and I think things look pretty promising, we're pretty much on schedule for our programme and we look forward to this coming year.

"We seem to be on the right pace at the moment. In a way, we are surprisingly quick compared to the others, due to the good work that we have been doing for a long time. The results that you see now are due to the work started some months ago.

"We did 90,000 kilometres last year probably not achieving almost anything and now, in the last month we have achieved a lot. For us, that gives a big boost and extra motivation to do even better, to be more secure and have a better package available from the first race."

As for his aims for 2006, Schumacher unsurprisingly wants wins and a shot at taking his eighth drivers' crown.

"I think we can only have one target," he continued, "and that is to win the championship, in particular after a year like last year where success was so poor to our standards and we would really like to come back to where we had been before, to fight for the championship and maybe finally win it."



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