Ferrari team leader, Michael Schumacher has admitted that 2005 was a big 'wake up' call for him, after dominating the sport and winning the drivers' championship five times in a row in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Although Schumacher still finished third in the drivers' series in 2005, he reckons that he wasn't as fit as he should have been.

"I didn't do a particularly good job in terms of fitness last year," confirmed Schumacher.

"I can do better and with age, certainly, you have to train harder. Things don't get easier, but the good thing is that with the experience that you have and with what I've seen last year, it sort of woke me up and it pinpointed the areas where I have to improve.

"You can be certain that I will be there with 100 percent preparation and actually I've been at that level for quite a while now because the first thing [I tackled] was exactly this after I came back from China, I was so frustrated."

As for the change to V8 engines, Schumacher believes it is a positive move, likening the latest generation of F1 cars to a go-kart.

"I think, first of all, it was a more than logical approach to reduce power," he explained. "Over the years we have been tackling aerodynamics, we have been doing tyres, we have been doing all sorts of things to slow down Formula One but we kept decreasing the grip and we kept increasing the power and both together ends up in a combination which is out of proportion, which is why I was very much in favour to hear this decision.

"At certain circuits we were not within the safety limit or we were getting very close to it and with development we would have gone over it, so in general, from this aspect I agree very much.

"In terms of the sensation to driving, it's a lot of fun too - it's like a little go-kart now. Before you had this monster in the back which you could not control to a certain degree because the tyres, the dimensions, were not suitable for managing the horsepower and now it makes it a better package. Your driving style changes slightly, you use high revs and it's a sensation I do like. I used to enjoy it in the past and I found this back again now."



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