Ferrari team leader, Michael Schumacher has been offered a new two-year deal to stay with the Scuderia in 2007 and 2008.

According to reports by German newspaper, Bild, the German's salary would remain the same, around 35 million Euros per year, however if he wins the title again he would have the option to terminate the deal early.

"The best part is that it doesn't tie Schumacher unconditionally for two more years," read the report in Bild. "He could, if he wants, get out of it without any problem sooner. He could opt out after the 2007 season - or even after this season - because the new 70-million euro contract has a 'world champion clause'. If he had the title in his pocket he could quit the next day."

Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm meanwhile told Reuters that it was all just 'pure speculation'.

Indeed the story is very similar to that published in British newspaper, The News of the World over the Easter break, which reported that Schumacher has already signed a deal to stay with Ferrari, although he has a special clause in it, that means he could quit one year early, if he felt the desire.

"Michael is going to carry on next year," a Ferrari 'insider' told the tabloid 'paper on. "He sees no reason why he should retire because the motivation to win is still there. Only a few people at the team know the deal has been done."

The News of the World however, said that he would get a pay rise, whatever the truth, there is still no official word from the team or Schumacher and one isn't expected until the summer.



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