Gerhard Berger used the end of the Monaco Grand Prix to praise the performances of Scott Speed and Tonio Liuzzi so far this season, despite the Toro Rosso team having yet to trouble the scorers.

Despite fears - and continued complaints from some quarters - that the V10-powered pair may have an 'unfair' advantage at certain races, Liuzzi and Speed have had to be content with racking up non-scoring finishes, the American being docked the one point he did record after a yellow flag offence in Australia. What has pleased Berger the most, however, is the pair's consistency, and the fact that neither has exhibited the common rookie tendency to over-drive in an effort to impress.

"They are both very talented and are doing a great job," the Austrian, who co-owns STR, said, "If you look at Scott, he came to us very inexperienced and with very little test mileage and, in all the races until now and in all the testing, he has had just one spin. He was off the track one time, and he is quite competitive on lap times. Obviously, you see some ups and downs because they are young and inexperienced, but I think Scott is doing very well."

Liuzzi, of course, has more F1 experience thanks to his season, and occasional race appearances, with Red Bull Racing last year, and Berger admits that the extra running has made the Italian more complete.

"With Tonio, you can see the results," he insisted, "He is more consistent, as he has a little more experience. I think both drivers have a good natural speed and both are very committed. I think both should have a good future."


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