Changes to either the Formula One or World Rally Championship calendar could be required after the final drafts revealed two clashes over the course of the 2007 season.

Traditionally, it is customary for the figureheads in the FIA's motorsport portfolio to take part on separate weekends over the year, but the calendars unveiled by the governing body show that the Rally of Finland and the Hungarian Grand Prix clash on the weekend of 3-5 August.

Furthermore, there is a second clash later in the year involving the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai and the Rallye de Espana on the weekend of 5 October.

However, the state of the calendars suggest that any minimal movement of the events will not be possible, with the Rallye de Espana in particular occurring in the middle of a three-week run of events, while the Chinese Grand Prix comes just a week before the Japanese Grand Prix.

Indeed, it remains to be seen whether any changes will be made, but it is worth pointing out that 7 October also sees Monza host rounds 19 and 20 of the World Touring Car Championship.



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