Double world champion Fernando Alonso maintains that he is more concerned by the opposition coming from the two Ferrari drivers this season, despite rookie team-mate Lewis Hamilton taking control of the point standings at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Briton became the youngest championship leader since Bruce McLaren after taking a third straight second-place finish, but Alonso - who is second in the standings - insists that the newcomer is no bigger threat than either Kimi Raikkonen or Felipe Massa.

"After one or two races, we saw him become a championship contender and we still see him as one now," the Spaniard said of Hamilton, "In a way, I look at him the same way I look at Kimi or Felipe, opponents for the championship. I have to beat them all if I want to become champion, but [Hamilton] is the one who worries me least because he is my team-mate and we are here to help each other. I worry more about Ferrari's pace than if Lewis is two points ahead of me."

Hamilton, meanwhile, admitted that leading the championship was still beyond any dream he had before starting his Formula One career, but refused to be drawn on whether he would be a title contender come the end of the year.

"It does certainly feel positive," he confessed, "Even from the last race, we knew that there was a possibility of winning the championship, but we have to be realistic. It is only my first season and there are going to be ups and downs. I have done a good job up to now and the team have done a fantastic job - as long as we keep the reliability good on the car and I don't make any mistakes, then I am sure we can continue with the performance that we have. If we can keep on scoring points, and keep on getting podiums, then the results will be good..."



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