Mike Gascoyne admits Spyker won't be truly competitive until the 2008 season, despite the much anticipated launch of the B-spec model at the Turkish Grand Prix.

Spyker have endured a tricky start to their first full F1 season, with Christijan Albers and Adrian Sutil both featuring at the back of the field in the first four races, something the team were hoping to improve upon with the launch of a heavily revised F8-VII for Istanbul.

However, technical director Gascoyne has played down the effect the car is likely to have on their current status in Formula 1, the former Jordan, Renault and Toyota designer insisting the team are still working on getting the infrastructure in place to make a concerted attempt at moving up the grid next year.

"We are pushing on with the test programme, aero development and of course the B-spec car. This should be a move forward but we shouldn't pin our hopes too much on suddenly moving up the grid and being competitive, but we will continue evolving until the end of the year. I'm sure that by then we'll be in a more competitive position than we are now.

"The car will be a step forward, but not as much as we need to be truly competitive; it is more part of the aero development that is ongoing into 2008. I think we have to be realistic about it - although Spyker and new management have come on board, where we are at the moment is a result of the previous lack of investment.

"Spyker is putting all those things right, but we won't see the improvements on the race track for nine months to a year. In the meantime, we have to do a professional job with the package we have at the moment and look to next year."

Still, Gascoyne attributes a more competitive field for the team's current struggle to climb the grid, pointing out that the 2.5 second gap to the leaders is smaller than it was last season when the team was racing under the Midland banner.

"Although we are at the back, F1 is more competitive than it has ever been, much more so than in previous years. We are where we are at the moment, 2.5 secs behind, a couple of years ago we wouldn't have been at the back but ahead of several teams, but F1 is very competitive this year so we just have to improve."



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