Toyota's senior chassis general manager, Pascal Vasselon has said that they 'have' to get back in the points in Monte Carlo next weekend after a disappointing start to the European season in Spain.

Neither Jarno Trulli nor Ralf Schumacher managed to finish at the Circuit de Catalunya last Sunday and while Vasselon is convinced that the updates to the TF107 made a difference he wants both drivers' to prove that is the case at the Principality.

"In Spain the new aero package worked well, it gave us two or three extra tenths as expected. We were not able to demonstrate this clearly in the race but Jarno's lap in qualifying showed we have made an improvement, especially when you consider we had a similar fuel strategy to the front cars," he explained. "In Monaco we have to show this in the race though and get back into the points."

Asked about the event itself, Pascal added that for him it is the highlight of the season, mainly because you get a real impression of the speed the cars are doing.

"For me it is just the race I like most during the season. It is truly something different," he explained. "On other tracks when you are doing this kind of job for years, you would not say you get bored of course you don't, but you are not impressed as much any more by the speed of the car.

"In Monaco it is totally different because you have a lot more visual references and really in Monaco that's where you see the speed of the car. There is also a kind of disproportion between the town, the small amount of space available and the speed of the car. That's why in Monaco you really realise how fast these cars are, it's really impressive."



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