Leading GP2 ace Michael Ammermuller had a ball during his GPlive appearance at Donington Park yesterday, taking the Red Bull Racing RB3 for a spin in more ways than one.

The young German - who is acting as the Milton Keynes-based outfit's Formula 1 test-driver in 2007 in addition to his GP2 commitments - took to the track at the Leicestershire circuit to entertain the crowds with a series of demonstration laps and donuts. It did, he admitted, make a change from the usual intensity of a racing weekend.

"It's been really nice," he told Crash.net. "There are a lot of old cars here that we normally don't get the chance to see. We have the new Red Bull Formula 1 machine here too, but it's very interesting to see all the old drivers and hear the sound of the old cars.

"The fans waved at me when I was out on the track and I think they enjoyed themselves! They are very enthusiastic about it all."

The 21-year-old added one of the undoubted highlights of his day was the opportunity to do things with the car the racing authorities would traditionally frown upon.

"Normally we are not allowed to do burn-outs or donuts or anything like that!" he grinned. "That's the good thing about show events like this, because you can slide the car around and do whatever you want with it."



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