Ron Dennis has rubbished claims that there is any internal conflict within his team and that double world champion, Fernando Alonso and rookie super star, Lewis Hamilton aren't getting on.

Speaking in the Thursday FIA press conference, the McLaren-Mercedes team principal added that such reports are extremely far from the reality.

"I'm amused at how some magazines have tried to position the team as having conflict in it," said Ron. "There is absolutely nothing further from the truth.

"If you can see the body language, how they compete playing video games, all of these things, you would realise that yes, they are competitive and they want to win, but not to the detriment of the relationship that they have with each other, or the relationship within the team."

Dennis also hit out at recent remarks by Eddie Jordan and Keke Rosberg that they have yet to see from Lewis the aggression and 'win at all costs' mentally needed for him to become a champion.

"The other thing which I find - let's say - slightly annoying is that there seems to be a rash of so-called experts, some people who have never really run a competitive Grand Prix team, who suddenly profess to be so knowledgeable about what is and isn't right for Lewis, what is and isn't his character strengths and his weaknesses," he continued.

"I think they should just be quiet, concentrate on their own business, which I'm sure would be better for them.

"I don't want to be too aggressive to those people but they know who they are. They're failures in many of the things they've done and this is a success story and their opinions are obviously sought by those members of the media that suffer or struggle with their our own position.

"But my job, as team principal, is to be supportive of the drivers and try and moderate what is a high demand from the media, and we're doing our best, but we will never do anything to the detriment of the principal objective which is to try and win races and put Lewis in the best possible position, and Fernando, to do that."



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