Fernando Alonso has warned that the Monaco Grand Prix could be a little bit like a lottery on Sunday and that even pole position will 'probably mean nothing'.

Speaking in the post-qualifying press conference on Saturday, the Spaniard added that with the weather unsettled it is going to be a very difficult race to win. Indeed he emphasised that while pole position is good, you have to remember that the points are handed out on the Sunday, not the Saturday.

"I think we need to wait," replied the McLaren-Mercedes driver when asked if he is optimistic for the grand prix. "I think this year is a little more special, regarding the weather conditions which are not 100 percent sure, either wet or dry, so I think it could be a very difficult race, and a little bit like a lottery for everybody.

"So I think even starting from pole position, we have to be calm in tomorrow's race and wait and see, because the race will be very long. I also think that the cars are a little bit more difficult to drive this year with these tyres, especially under braking. We saw a lot of people going off on Thursday and the level of concentration will also be extremely high. The race is so long that even pole position will probably mean nothing."

Asked what sort of weather conditions he would like, unsurprisingly he said would prefer it to be dry, something that would take away a lot of potential hurdles.

"I would prefer a sunny race and a completely dry race. It is already special and a lottery at Monaco always, especially this year with the new Safety Car rule that can be a drama tomorrow for everybody, so I think starting from that problem even if you had a wet track, it would be a very difficult race," he explained, "and starting from pole a normal race is better for me and would mean more points for sure."

As for what it is like to drive in the wet, he noted that it was very tough during practice on Saturday morning: "It was very, very difficult. I think all the white lines are very, very slippery. There is no possibility to avoid them because they are all around the lap," he confirmed.

"Also the kerbs are very slippery as well, as normal, and here it's quite tight, the circuit is very narrow, so if you cannot touch the white lines, and you cannot touch the kerbs, there's not much space to put the car. I think it was difficult for everybody."

So are they expecting rain on Sunday?

"I don't know," conceded the double world champion. "The team has said four different things in one hour, so I think everybody is so confused. The weather is changing so quickly, so I think until tomorrow at one o'clock we will not have a perfect prediction."



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