Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he will be happy to curb his natural instincts at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix today and not go for glory and risk putting himself and his team-mate, Fernando Alonso out on the first lap.

The Brit added that he is convinced McLaren can get a one-two finish at the Principality and while there is no doubt he would dearly love to take his first victory, it is a long race and with the weather looking unpredictable a lot could happen.

"I think you have to run on your natural instincts and see how the start goes. If I get a better start and it looks like I can pass, then I probably will, but I won't do anything silly to risk pushing both of us out of the race," he explained. "It is a long, long race and I think I feel good about our strategies and I feel we can come away with a one-two. So, it is important we are sensible."

Asked if he and Alonso will discuss how they will approach the start, Lewis said that he expects team principal, Ron Dennis to give them both a talking too prior to the lights going out.

"The team will speak to us before, but we are professional," he added. "We respect each other and we are team-mates and we want to do a good job for the team and we want to win and we will go into that first corner probably not as aggressively as we would if we were going into it with a Ferrari.

"But we are going to be conservative and see what happens. We are on different fuel strategies, similar pace. So we'll have to see how it goes. It is going to be difficult tomorrow with the conditions and also you never know when the pace car is going to come out. We'll see," he added.

Alonso meanwhile concurred that they will both have to think about the team and not just individual glory: "The team will say to us something I think," added the Spaniard. "We respect each other obviously and want the best for the other one, inside the team, and we want to beat our opponent that this year seems to be Ferrari.

"Starting first and second at Monaco what we aim is to finish first and second because it is the most points and apart from that I don't think there are any problems between us and it should be just a normal race."



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